Traffic congestion in Nashville needs a solution. Nashville’s transit plan should be forward looking, incorporate future technologies, and be more affordable for business and Nashville-Davidson County citizens.

The plan on the May 1st ballot is neither.

  • That plan will raise our sales tax to the HIGHEST in the US in any major city - 10.25 percent
  • The projected total cost of the plan is $9 BILLION and highly likely to go over budget
  • Despite the cost, the plan does NOT fix congestion where it’s needed

That’s why we believe the right thing to do is to Vote NO.

Watch our first ad, "Taxville."

Their plan will:

  • Make our sales-tax the highest in the nation1
  • Raise costs for Nashville families, harm businesses and drive away tourism3
  • Likely cost even more than projected2
  • Have minimal impact on traffic and congestion4

This plan will raise your taxes…by more than $13,000 per person over the next 50 years. The current plan will cost the average family in Davidson County an additional $43,608 in taxes over the life of the plan.

Most of the transit investment focuses on downtown Nashville. It will do nothing to alleviate traffic and help all commuters in Davidson County.

Voting ‘No’ on the May 1st referendum will give Nashville the chance to:

  • Find a solution that is more affordable;
  • Find a solution that will cover all of Davidson County – not just downtown Nashville; and
  • Find a solution that encourages emerging technologies, like driverless vehicles, that are more adaptable to a growing population.

NoTax4Tracks is dedicated to finding the right solution for Nashville. Please join us.

This Census website. Reports the count of households in Davidson as 281,967. That would put the per household expenditure at $32K.

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