Business Journal: How would Nashville's transit plan impact your business? Local execs weigh in

How would Mayor Megan Barry's mass-transit plan impact your business? That's the question we recently asked business leaders throughout Nashville.

From increased mobility to affordable housing, their answers — available in the slideshow with this story — touched on a variety of issues, underscoring the multifaceted debate that rages ahead of May's pivotal referendum.

That debate has captivated the city's business community, with high-profile advocates and opponents speaking out on Barry's plan, which includes 28.4 miles of light rail, a transit tunnel beneath downtown Nashville, four rapid-bus routes and improvements to the city's existing bus system. The majority of the plan is financed through four tax increases, including raising the sales-tax rate from 9.25 percent to 10.25 percent in 2023. All tax increases would sunset in 2068.

The upcoming weekly edition of the Nashville Business Journal will dive into the debate, with this week's cover story featuring attorney Charles Robert Bone, CEO of Bone McAllester Norton PLLC, and Joe Scarlett, the retired CEO of Tractor Supply Co. Bone is a prominent member of Transit for Nashville, a pro-transit coalition; Scarlett is a key player in NoTax4Tracks, which is organizing against the transit proposal.

By Meg Garner

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