Increased sales taxes mean more financial strain for seniors. Of course, Nashville’s transit problems demand solutions, but we believe with better planning the solutions won’t take a toll on seniors with fixed incomes like this plan does.


This plan will burden commuters with massive construction for the next 10 years, higher vehicle prices with the sales tax increase, and even then, it will not solve our traffic problems. It also does not take into account the congestion on highways around Nashville. A solution for building light-rail in downtown Nashville is not a solution for all of Davidson County.


The current plan will take more than a decade to complete and generations to pay off. Cutting into tight family budgets and saddling our children with a childhood of construction and a future of high taxes is not fair. If it goes over budget, the plan could also eat away at precious taxpayer resources that fund education and other public services. We need a better plan at a reasonable price.


With four separate tax increases to pay for the current plan, small businesses will see both a reduction in business and an increase in business expenses. The tax increase will also shrink the tourism industry that many Nashvillians have come to rely on to provide for their families. We do not need to disrupt business and tourism for 10 or more years, building tunnels and tracks that will not solve our congestion problems.